Retired contacts or contacts not working at organisation anymore



I would like to discuss best practise for when contacts are not working at an organisation anymore, e.g. if they retired.

We would like to still have the contact's information at the organisation since it's still valuable for namedropping, track record etc.

What is best practice for labeling this?

At the moment, we write e.g. RETIRED in the beginning of the title field.



  • We also put "Former" in the title. We have long asked for a date field in this area so that it is obvious when a person finished at an organisation. Just because they are no longer there does not mean that their impact to the sales process disappears. It is good to know that they are no longer there.

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  • I would suggest using a custom field i.e Status and using this as an indicator. Typically it would be Active or Inactive but if you require more detail such as Retired, Resigned etc then obviously you can do that.

    The ability to activate/deactivate a record of any object type and also configuration items would be very useful in general.

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