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Hello, We are looking to integrate Insightly CRM with our mobile app ScanBizCards.

We are looking for Sandbox account for testing and please let me know if we have any API for authorization, we need an API where we can pass username & password as a parameter for login. But we are not able to find any API here!/Overview/Introduction

Please help.



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    Hi Santosh,


    We do not have a sandbox development environment at the moment. This means you would need to create a test account for testing. Similarly, you could also use Postman to conduct API testing. 


    Let me know if you run into any issues.



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  • Much needed function for al types of testing. I now have to tell development to code an interface but not to test it since the system is in production and only a fool test in production no matter how superior his skills.

    As for all other types of test i.e. configuration, housekeeping has become a permanent job to check for and remove junk :(

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