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For some reason the Object field Events is no longer showing up on my Navigation Bar (the one on the left hand side). I have gone into System Settings - Objects and Fields but I cannot edit Events as it is one of the default ones on there. How can I get this back on to the Navigation Bar?



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  • Agreed, need to be able to see list of Events in Navigation bar. 

    I found something of a work around - because I needed to add Contacts to an existing Event ...

    • From Calendar view, click on Event
    • Edit the Event - you can still see the Calendar view behind the Event edit window
    • Click on the Event icon next to the name of the event - the view behind the edit window changes to a different view of the Event - with a Related tab!
    • Cancel your Edit window

    Now I can go to Related and add Contacts, Orgs, Opps, and other stuff to the Event. 

    A small win - but a pain in the behind, can I just get a list of Events (from the Nav bar)?

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