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We're planning a migration for a customer from Gsuite to Office 365. We've find out that this procedure works, but we're curious if it's the official way to achieve this and if it stays working even after eventually deleting the Gsuite user which was initially used to create the Insightly user.

Step 1. Let's create the user in Gsuite admin console

Step 2. Add the user in Insightly by picking the user in the search "Google directory" box.

Step 3. Create a new Office 365 portal and authenticate the domain.

Step 4. Create a user in Office 365

Step 5. Go to Insightly login page and instead of using Login with Google account choose Login with Microsoft account.

Step 6. Login with the credentials you've just created for Office 365 user Bob

Voila! User Bob is successfully authenticated in Insightly even after removing the originating Gsuite user Bob.

Question. Is this a solid way of migrating from Gsuite to O365? It's working for now, but what if the user and complete Gsuite environment is finally removed? Is it still working after months?



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  • Hey Rick,

    Since you are not allowed to re-use an email address in the same Insightly account, we recommend you create an alias email address in Office365 that points to your primary address.

    This way you can transition your users from G Suite to Office365 but keep your current Insightly account.

    Here are the steps to walk you through it:

    1) Create an alias in Office365. You can find the steps here.

    2) Go to System Setting > Users > Add new user using the alias email address you set up in Office365.

    3) Confirm your user has set up a password using the invitation link.

    4) Go back to System Settings > Delete the ‘old’ user and select the prompts to transfer open Insightly items to the 'new’ user.

    5) Lastly, go to Billing & Account > Billing details and adjust your subscription to reduce the number of users back down. And, when you reduce your subscription level, an automatic credit will be added to your Insightly account.

    We recommend removing Insightly from your G Suite Marketplace apps to ensure there is no Google connection to the original email address. 

    Hope this helps. 

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