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When I look up an organisation in Insightly, the links section is not loading. 

I need to send an email to multiple contacts within this organisation, and the Insightly desktop program will not let me CC into a mail merge - hence why I am trying to use outlook with the add in. 


I have the most up to date Office 365 subscription, so none of the systems should be the issue here. 


Any advice would be much appreciated,




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  • Eliza, I'm not sure I understand the problem. Do you want to use the Outlook add-in because you want to CC others in the email? If this is correct then the following might help:

    a) There is an option to CC/ BCC when sending an email from Insightly. If you open the Compose New Email you will notice that to the right of the TO box the CC/BCC. It is not clear that these are clickable links as they look the same as all the other labels on the page but clicking there will show the input for CC and BCC. The weird thing though is that unlike the TO you cannot select from an existing contact, you have to type in the email address. Why? Heaven only knows.


    b) Using the add-in means that you lose the ability to use the merge option so after selecting the template you will need to replace the tags with the actual data.


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