Is there any way to track changes made by users to records?

I am wanting to data users are changing in insightly.

Is there any way of doing this with any third party integrations? I'm aware this isn't currently a feature in insightly. Would be amazing if it was....



  • Richie the only way to get close to an audit trail currently is by implementing it via lambda functions. It is cumbersome, rudimentary and has limitations but it is about as good as it is going to get. The end result is that your audit trail is written to the lambda function log. 

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  • which means an enterprise plan is required... Damn.

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  • Agreed. The ability to audit and apply field level history tracking should be available on all subscription levels in some from or another. 
    There should also be a merge of like requests - individually our requests have 2, 5 10 votes here and there, but if you actually merged all the requests asking for Audit ability the number would increase drastically. 

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