Emails associated with Private Projects visible to public

I've set up a project visible to just the owner (myself). I've verified that others users cannot see it.

When I use the "Link email address" for this project, the email is visible to everyone.

The email is linked to both the project (private) and my contact (public).

If I delete the email relationship link to my contact (an extra step), it is no longer visible there, BUT the email is still visible to everyone in the HOME view under recent activity.

Am I missing something? Shouldn't emails, tasks, etc associated with a private project not be visible to everyone else?







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  • Hey Rick Howard,

    Emails have their own permission-based on if you have Advanced or Simple permissions enabled. Here's some helpful information on permissions depending on which one you use:

    • Simple Permissions are set up for Admin and Standard user profiles only. With Simple Permissions, the visibility can be controlled on the record level. This is available on all Insightly plan levels.

    • Advanced Permissions are available to those on a Professional or Enterprise plan. Advanced Permissions allows multiple profile settings, making it a great option for admins and/or managers with teams. This allows visibility to be controlled over large groups of records to be automated.

    You can also view a video on Advanced Permissions here.

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