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Hello, I am trying to find a way to report on organizations in our database that do not have any linked activities. Is there a way to create this report? I can create a report for organizations with linked activities using the Organization Activity Report, and further filter the report by tags, etc., but I am unable to see a list of organizations who have not been linked to anything. Is something like this possible, or would I need to create a baseline activity for all organizations, then filter to only show organizations only linked to the baseline activity?

Unrelated to the activity linking, I've noticed there is a Description field on most of our contact/organization cards, but I am unable to report on that field even though it appears to simply be a text box. Is this intentional, or am I missing where this field can be reported on. 

Thanks for any help you're able to provide! 



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  • Hello Riley,

    It's not possible using the organization reports to find organizations without linked 'activities'. Although, there is an alternative using linked tasks. The organization's last/next activity dates are auto-updated from linked tasks that have the task due date field populated, so if both those fields are empty in the organization report you know that the organization doesn't have a linked task with a due date. This should suffice for most users.

    If you need to report on emails, events, and/or tasks without due dates, then perhaps an external reporting tool like Microsoft Power BI is needed to cross reference different data sets. Another alternative is to build a custom field in the organization that will capture the number of linked activities created. Insightly workflow automation and/or custom integration would be needed for something like this.

    Lastly, the default description text field is in the organization report it just has a different field name called, 'background'.

    Let me know if you need any help!

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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