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I am stranded in a sea of tasks and don't even know how I got here or how t find my way back? Does it also seem that I need to pay to get any sort of help when I haven't even gotten up and run yet? I have a few simple questions and hoping there is someone out there willing to help me. I sure would be willing if someone needed my help! I sure would hate to think I had to cancel my plan just because I couldn't get any help? Please tell me that isn't the way it is, please. I have put tons of work into getting to learn this and set it up! Any help is appreciated!  I had a guy tell me all I need is to set up a filter but he didn't tell me what criteria I needed to put in there to create one?




  • Hello Tom Munds,

    Are you looking to delete all your tasks or specific ones? 

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  • Thanks, Alejandro, I appreciate you reaching out to me. I set up 3 different activity sets (7-22 actions), and they were activated before I could get the chance to get ahead of them. Now I have hundreds needing attention. I originally thought if I changed the trigger date (the first task in the activity set) I could just change the first dates but in so doing, all it did was put the first date behind the second and third, and so on increasing the confusion). Now my task at hand is to try to find a way to get on top of this growing list. Maybe I need to delete all of the existing tasks and start over and manually apply the activity sets to each client? This issue is the only thing to get me off and running using Insightly the way I hoped to after months of preparation. Any help is appreciated! Help!!!!! LOL! Any help sure would be great since Insightly doesn't seem interested in helping me and there is nothing I found on the FAQ. It tells me how to set up activity sets and apply them but not how to delete them or un-apply the activity set.


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  • Hi Tom, 

    I am sorry you have been stuck! Unfortunately there is not a way in Insightly to un-apply an activity set or to change the start date and have it recast the due dates. I recommend deleting the tasks and then reapplying your activity sets. Here is how to do that:

    1. Create a new view in the task section. 

    2. If you applied all of your activity sets on the same day, create a filter for "Created" and enter the date that the activity sets were applied. If you are not sure what day that was, you can drill into a task to see or create a report to see the dates. 

    3. Once you have the tasks showing up in the filter, bulk select the tasks that you want to delete on the left hand side bulk edit boxes. 

    4. Once the tasks are selected, you can bulk delete or change the due dates on those tasks. 

    Let me know if you would like more help walking through this! I am happy to show you in a screen share. 

    Let's make business simple-

    Erin Mathie


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