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When I create a contact I have two emails go out to my contact.  Recently, I have had one email provider (Cogeco - in Canada) block my emails as SPAM.  What is confusing is that sometimes these emails are received by the contact while others are not.

Is there something I can do from my end to improve deliverability?

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  • Stephen

    Did you include SendGrid SPF and DKIM txt in your DNS record for your domain? But the issue is not always with your domain authentication. I know that there are certain platforms such as Gmail where you will always battle with unreliable delivery. I have tested sending the same emails to different accounts such as exchange business and private Gmail and found that the delivery rate to the Gmail account to be very unreliable. I could manage consistent delivery to the exchange account while the Gmail account would frequently flag it as spam. And to make it worse since Gmail learns from personal behavior the same message is treated differently on each Gmail account i.e. if you have 4 prospects using Gmail then you might find that for 3 your email might end up in the spam folder while one has no issues.

    My suggestion if you are experiencing issues with a specific ISP is to first check your side. A good tool to use is You can look up your SPF, DKIM and blacklist records. If this all checks out fine then contact the ISP and request that they whitelist your domain.

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  • Thanks so much Anton for your feedback.  I'm going to take those steps and review my set-up.  I had been using G-Suites for sending.  I'll follow up when I feel I have a solution.

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