Licencing issues as of 09 March

Morning - anyone else had an issue with their free Insightly subscription? As of yesterday (March 9th) every page / function in Insightly generates a billing / account error claiming our payment source cannot be validated - but this is a free account. Nothing changed over the weekend - we didn;t add any users, records, features etc.

Support did answer my initial email claiming we had exceeded the 2 user limit but we have always had 4 users on the account & according to the platform billing details we have not exceeded any of our limits. I checked with our system admin & this has always been free...

How do I validate this - I can't see historical billing on the account...



  • Hello Toby Gilbertson,

    Thanks for writing in. Yes, if you exceed any of the Free plan requirements you'll receive a pop-up message to correct billing information. Was your paid subscription recently canceled or has your account always been a Free plan? 

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  • Hi Alejandro.

    It has always been free & we have always had an entitlement to 4 users  - this is the first time we have had an issue with 'billing' since 2015

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