Issues with base funtions

Dear Madam Sir

I am testing your crm and even base functions are not working:
- cannot change the timezone to CET. After saving the change it always falls back to EST
- cannot add tags to neither contacts nor organisations. I proceed as described in your help documentation. 
I would really like to use your crm for its synchronisation with google services, but after 1 hour of not even managing getting to work these basic functions I am already frustrated. Is this a temporary glitch or do these functions never work. To be honest everything I tried so far was not working to my satisfaction.
Would be happy if I could get some help. 
And yes I am on a non payed plan hence testing for free for 14 days. No reason however to automatically close my ticket and refer me to the community. I would assume with a testing period you try to win me as a customer and should be happy to interact with me...


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  • Christian

    For the timezone issue - I know that the timezone can be set on two levels. You can set it on the company level under Settings/Company Settings but also under User Settings/User Details. I suspect that the user timezone will overwrite the company setting if they are different. So if you have not done so check the selected timezone for your user.

    For the tag issue - What happens when you try to add a new tag? I have always found this to work consistently. When typing anything in the Tag List box it should present you with tags used previously otherwise just typing something i.e. Test should add it when you hit enter.


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