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I keep having old leads keep showing up in insightly as "open-not contacted" even after I've deleted them...I delete them one day and they show up the next day...please help. I want them to stay gone so I can make sure we are marketing to an active lead list. 



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  • Matthew

    This is just taking a wild shot in the dark here but my suspicion is that they are never actually deleted. Insightly has a very weird approach to messaging i.e. letting the user know if something actually happened/or not. It is not consistent in the system but in general, this is what I have found:

    a) They have implemented referential integrity to guard against records becoming orphaned. What this means really is that if you create a record and it is used somewhere else (referenced)  then it cannot be deleted since the reference will be left hanging. Their implementation of this concept has two flaws:

     1) The system does not check and prevent any attempt to delete a record but rather will go out and try and never come back to tell the user that there is an existing relationship

     2) The system does not update in real-time for the active use in all instances so sometimes you need to refresh the browser to see the result of what you have just done.

    What all of this means for the end-user is that what you see is not always what has happened. In your case, the system might have removed the 'deleted' record from your view only to reappear when then the browser is refreshed and the system realizes that the SQL statement to delete the record has failed due to referential integrity. Voila, it is back :)

    To test this theory delete a record and once done refresh the browser window to see if it re-appears. Like I said a shot in the dark but I have seen strange behavior like this before.

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