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Hello all,

when a filter is set to contact list and export "Contacts and Notes" to a csv file, filter is not apply, the whole contact list is exported. How can i export to a csv file just the contacts filtered?





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  • Hi Diego, 

    There are a few options depending on what fields you are looking to export.

    1. You can run a report to export notes by going to reports - other reports - note report. That report will allow you to export the note with the linked item name. 

    2. You can do a full export of your contacts like you have already done and then filter it in excel to trim your results down. 

    3. If you are not concerned about notes, I recommend creating a contact report. You will be able to select your desired fields to export as well as applying filters. 

    Let's make business simple,

    Erin Mathie

    Business Made Simple


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