[BUG] Custom Objects - cannot add Record Name when switching from Automatic Number to Text

Hey guys,

I've discovered a bug in the Custom Object logic which caused me quite some pain the other day. First of all, I really love your custom object feature and its flexibility. 

Also, the possibility to switch between an automatic number and a text as Record Name is something I really like.

What happened to me is that I created a Custom Object and set the Record Name to an Automatic Number. Later on, we decided that it would make much more sense to have a custom text, so I went in the Object settings and changed the Field Type to Text.


Unfortunately, I completely made my Custom Object unusable since now when I'm trying to create a new Object, the Record Name field requires me to enter a Text Value but the field is read-only.


In order to move forward, the only thing I found was to completely start from scratch. I created a new Custom Object, manually copied all custom fields, exported the data from the old Custom Object and imported it to the new one. Quite a hassle...


I hope this helps you to find and resolve the isse.









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