Fields Locking Up & Losing Information on Merges

I am having an issue where I add information into my tag field and when I hit save the field does not close I have to manually close it and when it closes the information is not there.  I need to go into the search bar and find the name again and open it - then the info is there.  Also when I go to add other information the fields are grayed out and I need to close out and relaunch the program.  Happens every time I try to add a tag.


2nd problem is when I merge organizations it is deleting in the organization name on the record that is being merged.  The record still exists in the system - but if I don't know the name of the record I can't reconnect it.

These are 2 big issues causing me not to able to work and update our database properly.  Any one eles having this issue?

Support please respond to my email!


Thank you

Nancy Petersen




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  • Hi Nancy:

    I see that you have a ticket with our Support Team, Ticket#235791. They'll assist you through there, you're in great hands :)

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