Assigning a task to all contacts linked to a project

Okay, slightly meaty question: I'm creating a Project Pipeline with an Activity Set, and want a task (or tasks) of that activity set to be "Email each linked contact with X relationship to the project." Specifically, I want to create a tasks prompting my workshop coordinator to follow-up with every participant linked to a workshop (something like 20 people). 

1. Is this possible?

2. If so, can tasks be auto-assigned (i.e. can Insightly know who the linked contacts are, filter them by relationship to the project, and create a task to follow up with them accordingly?

3. If so, can I add a new participant to the project after creating it/assigning the project pipeline, and still have them have their related follow-up task created?

4. If so, what payment plan is this at?



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    Hi Kathleen, 

    Following up on this request that you had regarding tasks. Insightly unfortunately doesn't allow you to send a bulk email to all linked contacts of a project at once, the only way to send a bulk email is to select contacts based on fields or tags and then bulk email. Definitely understand your use case here and absolutely think it would be a great addition to our offering. 

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