Why was I charged?

I had a free account several years ago with Insightly when my company needed a CRM tool; I don't remember ever giving a CC number.  I left that company a long time ago, so I can't access my old account because the username was my former email address that I haven't been able to access since May 2016, and I surely don't remember my password.  

I noticed a charge on my credit card recently for $180.05 from Insightly CRM; I have not used this service in years, and I have to wonder how a charge could have been posted because in the time frame when I might have given my CC, that card would now be expired.  Furthermore, two different customer service reps with my CC company could find no previous charges on my account from Insightly.

I am asking:

1.) that my account be deleted immediately;

2.) that a refund in the amount of $180.05 be issued



  • I had to set up this new account in Support just to send a request.


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  • Hi Scott,


    I'll open a ticket for you regarding this issue. Look out for an email from me.


    Thank you!

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