Is there a way to automaticaly reach out to contacts that were not contacted for a while?

Hello guys.

I'm new to Insightly. I'm trying to do something that seems quite trivial to me:

I have many contacts in our industry. I try to keep in touch with them every so often. Is there a way to automatically add a task for me to reach out to old contacts?

So it would run every day, and for each contact that hasn't been reached for a year (say), I will get a new task - "contact this person".

This seems like something that everyone that is using a CRM or doing business-development will like to have...





  • Anyone?

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  • Hi Ron, 

    There are a few ways that you can do this.

    1. Create a repeating task for contacts that will remind you to connect with them at the interval of your choice. 

    2. Create a workflow automation that is triggered x number of days after the contact's last date updated. 

    If you need further support, I am happy to walk you through it! 

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