Task list view on mobile without sort order by date



Did Insightly remove the option to see one's tasks sorted by date on one' mobile device?

I must admit that without this filter, the app is useless...





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    Hi Asaf,


    We have made some updates to our mobile app with our latest version.


    We have updated our list views in the mobile app to reflect your standard AND custom list views available in the web app version of your account. The previous filter options have been removed.


    As a workaround, you can it can help to create a ListView ( within our web app.


    From this list view, add the desired filters and/or sort your list views. This list view should then display the same way in the mobile app. I would suggest naming the list to reflect the stage/status of your lead (i.e. Leads in Attempted Contact or Tasks In Progress).


    Our engineers are currently discussing how to better bridge this gap with our filters. So other than that workaround to create custom list views and sort there, I don't have other options at this time.


    Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime!

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