Unstoppable billing

Hi Insightly.

A few years ago a former employee of mine was using Insightly. She left the company two years ago and no one has been using Insightly since. Your records will show 0 logins. I don't even have the password. You've been billing me annually and not responding to my customer support requests, nor my follow-up emails to support@insightly.com I'm at over $1,000 in charges for a service I can't use, access, or cancel. 

Any suggestions? Any refunds?





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  • If it helps the most recent info I got from you is: Ticket #249056: Invoice #616E6B9-0007 When I follow the link in your most recent automated message it says: "Oh kakapo!*" Thanks for educating me on Māori, but at $1k/word it's an expensive language class. 

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