Updating Data Across Organization, Contact, and Opportunity

Hi all!

Does anyone have any tips for automatically filling fields and syncing data? I've had other CRMS where if I were to update a note in my contact it would also show up under that contact's organization.

Example: Linking it so that if I update the date for the Lead Status, the Lead Source will automatically update as well. 

Is there any way to preset this as a setting rather than having to individually link or manually go to all three pages in organization, contact and opportunity to update in every specific instance? 

I hope this makes sense! All I see for automatic triggers are setting up tasks and events, nothing about keeping data across the board up to date and synced up. It all seems manual.





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  • Hi Krista,


    Thank you for reaching out to us!


    I see that you have already created a ticket regarding this issue.


    Please continue with your official ticket. 


    Have a great rest of the day!

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