Typeform Integration (through Automate.io) will only import new Leads information into the standard fields and not the custom fields.

I have created and tested an app integration using Automate.io that takes a filled form from Typeform.com and imports the information as a Lead into Insightly. The integration works as the new lead does show up in Insightly. But I notice that only the standard lead fields are populating while the custom lead fields I created (and mapped through Automate.io) are not. I have the Pro plan and have created and mapped several custom fields. Automate.io is recognizing them as I did map them and even shows that the information is exporting to insightly "correctly". Is there something I need to do to allow the custom fields to populate from an app integration such as this or am I stuck using standard fields with integrations?

Have not tried Zapier yet but I might if I can't get this resolved.




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