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I am taking over from a previous employee. There have been countless users since we first purchased the CRM and it seems everyone just used it a different way. I would like to get everything organized. It seems in the past, people "mostly" worked from the leads tab. There are only some opportunities and even fewer projects (and some projects which should still just be opportunities) when there should be a lot more of both of these. I have exported all the leads, opportunities and projects, as well as the notes for opportunities and projects.

Would it make the most sense to delete all the opportunities and projects and then go through each lead individually and sort them as they should be? Or is there an easier way to do this?



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  • Hi Sheila, 

    It is fairly common for businesses to need a CRM update after several employee transitions. It would be worth while to write out your team's best practice for utilizing it in the future. 

    I recommend reviewing the opportunities and projects with your team before removing them. You can bulk delete when you are ready. 

    For the leads, I recommend taking your lead export spreadsheet and doing the updating there. It is faster to scrub the leads there and not have to click into each lead. You can then import the updated leads. Just make sure you save the LeadID record on your spreadsheet to match lines for the update. 

    I am happy to walk you through the scrubbing process and discuss best use of Insightly if that is helpful. 

    Let's make business simple,

    Erin Mathie

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