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Hi, I'm in the process of changing all of are employees email addresses. it worked for all users except one and I get a message saying User exists in multiple instances, cannot change email.





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  • Hi Christian,


    If you're seeing a message "User exists in multiple instances, cannot change email," then our system recognizes an existing profile with one of those emails and you will not be able to use the "change email address" function.


    To update the email address, you will need to add a new user and then delete the old user profile. Here are the steps:


    - First, Add a New User with the correct, new email address in System Settings > Users. **Please note:** You will be charged for the new user, unless you are on a free plan and below the number of users for that subscription.


    - Next, delete the user with the old email address. You will be prompted to transfer any open records to your other user profile (so no data will be lost).


    - Finally, adjust your subscription level to make sure your billing is adjusted. While Insightly doesn't offer refunds, once you reduce the number of users in Billing & Account, you'll automatically receive a credit that will be applied toward your next invoice.


    I hope this helps!

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