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We've rarely made good use of the Organization's Email Domain field (I recall that being standard). Unfortunately now I'm at the point where having used that field would have come in handy. 

Here are my questions:

1. Is there a way to ask Insightly to auto-populate that field with the email address domain name's in the Contacts associated with the Organization? (i.e. that would appear under the Related tab)

2. If not, is there some other way that the system would be able to pull email addresses associated with the organization? 





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  • Hi Brennan,


    If you need to update a lot of records of the same object at once you can bull update via import.

    Our article - Understanding bulk updating with imports - will walk you through it with some great screenshots.


    We currently make updates to existing records based on Record ID number. With that in mind, to update your records, we recommend:


    1. First, Export the records you'd like to update

    2. Edit the file to change the records

    3. Import the file and choose the "update records" option


    Some other tips about this process:

    • Add New Records will still use duplicate checks when importing.
    • Update Existing Records will ONLY find a match by record ID and update the matching record
    • Add New Records and Update Existing Records will do both
    • There is no undo button, so we recommend testing a small subset first. But you could always update your import file and try to update again.


    I hope that helps! If you have other questions, let us know.

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