First steps for administrators

Once you understand the basics of Insightly, you'll want to jump right in and get to work with your new CRM. That's great! To make everything go as smoothly as possible, we recommend setting things up in the order below.

1. Create custom fields

Before you import anything, check if you have unique information that isn't covered by the standard fields included with Insightly, like billing IDs or customer types. Create custom fields for these before you import and you will be able to map them right to the records.

How to create a custom field

2. Create custom Page Layouts

Create a custom Page Layout to reorganize or hide fields that appear in an object. This is a great way to set up your forms and record views to help your users increase their productivity - no scrolling through forms that are too long or filling out unnecessary fields. You can also make fields required so important information is never left out.

The default layout of any object can be edited regardless of which plan you are on. If you are on a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can create multiple Page Layouts per object that can be assigned to different profiles.

How to create a page layout

3. Start importing
Here's the fun part - importing all your data. Whether you're moving your data from spreadsheets or another CRM, you won't want to leave anything out.

We recommend adding your users after importing, so if you have records that need to be assigned to them, use bulk editing or bulk updating to assign them later. 

How to import

4. Connect integrations
You may already be using online apps for managing your invoices or sending marketing emails. Connect those accounts to Insightly and you can save time and always have all your customers' information at hand. We have integrations for dozens of different programs - check them out!

Insightly's integrations

5. Add your users
Now that you've got your account configured, it's time to start adding your team. You can add them earlier if you like, but adding them later may help prevent errors.

Make sure you have at least two administrators on your account. Having multiple admins is necessary in case one gets locked out or leaves the company. Just don't give all of your users admin privileges!

How to add a user

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