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Insightly provides mobile applications for both Apple and Android mobile devices. These applications have been designed as companions to the Insightly web application and contain the majority of features that are available on the web application. Using the web application in conjunction with the mobile application(s) creates a more cohesive Insightly experience.

The Insightly mobile applications support the following operating system versions:

  • iOS 9 and higher

  • Android 5.0/Lollipop and higher

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Available Features

All data recorded within the Insightly mobile application is stored online rather than on the personal mobile device being utilized; this enhances security and also decreases load times within the mobile application.


To access Insightly on a mobile device, installation of the application through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store is required. Once the Insightly Mobile application is installed, if updates are required, the application will sign the user out in order to perform the update. Once the update is complete, the user will be required to sign back into the mobile application to access functionality.

Home Page

The Insightly mobile application Home Page displays any dashboards that have been created via the Insightly web application; dashboards will display based on the applied user permissions. All dashboards and dashboard cards available on the web application are accessible within the mobile application although, all dashboard cards are read-only when utilizing the mobile application.


To access Settings, select the menu icon in the upper left corner. From the expanded menu screen, select the settings cog icon located at the bottom of the expanded menu screen.

NotificationsPush notification can be applied for functions such as reminders, new assignments, and record updates. Additionally, users can configure the notifications to either vibrate or play a sound when received.
FollowUsers can select items to automatically follow such as modified records, assigned records, and records that have been assigned to other users.
Call LoggingUsers can set whether calls will automatically be logged as completed tasks.
AccountAccount information can be viewed and an Insightly email address can be added to the device contacts in order to forward, CC, or BCC emails to the added address. Users can also download reference data and/or clear cached data. If logging out is necessary, this action can be completed via the Account settings as well.

Objects and Records

With advanced permissions, users will only see what is applicable to the user's role. The Insightly mobile application offers businesses the flexibility to assign different roles within CRM and subsequently set restrictions based on those roles. This ability ensures that users only see data that is relevant to them.

  • Administrators can setup roles and restrictions via the Insightly web application.

Some examples of how a user with permissions can interact with records include the following:

  • Create, edit, view, and search records

  • Convert Opportunities to Projects

  • Convert Leads to Opportunities

  • Use default or custom list views

  • Sort by record fields

  • Enable push notifications for task reminders, record updates, or assignments

  • Add or edit notes, comments, files, and links


Users can view and send emails saved to Insightly. When a user sends an email from the Insightly mobile application, the email will send from the user's email address verified in Insightly rather than from the email address that has been set up on the mobile device

  • Emails can be searched via the search bar and/or sorted by clicking the sort icon at the top of the email list.

Other Features

Setting Details
Business Card ScanningUsers can scan a business card and Insightly will create a CRM Contact or Lead from the scanned information.
Recording Audio NotesThe audio notes feature allows users to add a note to an Insightly record via an attached audio file that is recorded from the mobile device.
CalendarUsers can view their Insightly calendarto review events and tasks.

Refreshing Data 

When viewing information for the first time via the Insightly mobile application (such as a contacts list or a sales opportunity), the application will retrieve the latest information from the Insightly account. If changes were made to the information, the mobile application will update with the most recent information each time it is viewed; users have the ability to manually refresh data if there is a necessity for manual intervention.


While viewing a list or an individual record, users can pull down from the top of the mobile application window to refresh the data. A refresh animation will appear at the top of the list or record to indicate that the data is being refreshed; once this animation disappears the data has been successfully refreshed. 

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Refresh Data: If issues are encountered, first attempt to refresh the application data.
  2. Log out: If Insightly information isn't updating or a feature is not functioning, log out of the application via the Settings and then log back into the application to reset the data.
  3. Verify Application Version: Ensure that the latest version of the application is being utilized. Review the application on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to determine if an update to the application is available. 
  4. Uninstall: Uninstalling and reinstalling an application can ensure that automatic updates that have occurred to the mobile device have not interrupted an application's functionality. Once the application has been uninstalled, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to reinstall the latest version of the Insightly mobile application:
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