Viewing your Insightly calendar on mobile

To view your own Insightly events and tasks on your mobile device, you can use the calendar in the Insightly iOS and Android apps. You can also try calendar sync or calendar subscription to display the items in another calendar app that supports these options.

Note: Tasks must have start or due dates to appear on the calendar.

Viewing the calendar in our iOS and Android apps

To view the calendar in the apps:

  1. Tap the Calendar icon from the menu drawer.

  2. Your Insightly mobile calendar displays all your own tasks and events. Days with scheduled events will display one dot for a single event and two dots for multiple events.

  3. From the calendar view, you can:
    • Swipe down from the top to switch between monthly and weekly views.
    • Swipe the calendar left or right to move to the previous or next week or month.
    • Tap the + symbol to add a new event. The app will use your phone's current time zone, not the time zone in your Insightly settings.
    • Tap the search icon to search through your events.
    • Tap a date to view the tasks and events for that day.
    • Swipe down on a daily agenda to refresh it.
  4. When you tap a date, you'll see your tasks at the top of the daily agenda, then your all-day events, and then events by time. Tasks will be listed on the calendar by due date, if you’ve included one, or on the start date. (If a task has neither, it won’t appear in the calendar.)


Viewing calendar in another calendar app

Calendar apps on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android usually include options to add or subscribe to other calendars. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on your Insightly subscription:

  • Display your synced Insightly Calendar via Google or Exchange calendars: If you have a paid Insightly subscription and have added your Google Calendar or Exchange calendar to your phone or tablet, you can enable sync to display your Insightly calendar items on your device via the synced calendars.
  • Subscribe to the Insightly Calendar feed: If you have a free Insightly account, you can view to a read-only version of the Insightly calendar directly in your calendar application. If you want to edit the tasks, events, or milestones on your calendar, you must log in to your account through your web browser.
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