Subscribing to your Insightly calendar feed

You can use this feature with any Insightly and Gmail/G Suite account. A connection from G Suite to Insightly isn't required.

If you have a free Insightly account and can't use calendar sync, you can still view your Insightly calendar items in calendar tools that support the iCalendar/webcal standard or HTTP calendar feeds.

You can do this by adding or subscribing to your Insightly calendar from apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple's calendars, or the app on your mobile device. These services usually update the calendar items about once a day. You can even let your colleagues view your calendar by sending them your calendar address, as shown below.

If you have a paid subscription to Insightly, you will see the sync options instead.

The keyword here is "view." Subscribing to a calendar feed does not give you access to add or change Insightly calendar items. You may only view them.

To subscribe to your Insightly calendar feed:

  1. Check the documentation for your calendar application to determine whether you will need an address in the webcal or HTTP format. You can also try them both to see which one works for you, which might be quicker than searching through documentation.

  2. Click the Insightly calendar icon. You'll find the subscription links on the lower left, below the calendar. Customers with paid accounts will only have the sync option below the calendar and cannot subscribe to a feed.
    If you're on a paid account, but still want to subscribe to the feed in another calendar app, see the Resetting your calendar address section below for another way of getting the address for the calendar feed.
  3. If your calendar app accepts webcal addresses, like the one below, right-click Subscribe to iCalendar Feed and copy the link.



    If your calendar app accepts HTTP calendar addresses, like the one below, click Add to your Google Calendar. This will take you to a page with a URL to right-click and copy.*YourCalendarID*

  4. Look for an option in your calendar app like "Add Calendar," "Subscribe to Calendar," or "Add by URL" and paste the calendar address into the appropriate field. (You might need to check your app's documentation for this one.)

    Here's how that looks in Google Calendar:


    The Insightly calendar will now display in your list of calendars, where you can hide it, change the colors, or remove it from your calendar settings page.


    If you have any trouble after trying both the webcal and HTTP address, you can reset your calendar address using the directions below and try the process, again. 

Resetting your calendar address

If you want to stop sharing your Insightly calendar with an external calendar, or if you encounter an error, you can reset your calendar address from the Tasks page. To reset the address:

  1. Click the Tasks tab in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the "Add Tasks To Google Calendar" link in the right sidebar. A message dialog will open.

  3. Click the link at the end of the sentence: " can create a new URL by clicking here." This will change the calendar address in the message and on your calendar page.

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