Changing a lead to a contact

Sometimes, a person that's added to your CRM as a lead doesn't turn out to be a lead. If you'd like to keep their information in your contact records, you can change the lead to a contact without converting it to create a sales opportunity. This will create a new contact and delete the original lead.

Most of the information from the lead will be transferred to the new contact, but tags, custom fields, and other fields unique to the lead record (like the Lead Source and Lead Score) will not transfer. 

This function is not available for bulk editing.

To change a lead to a contact:

  1. Open the lead record and click the Actions button.
  2. Select Change Lead to Contact.

  3. If your lead includes an organization name, the organization can be created in the same workflow. If the organization already exists, matching names will appear below the field; just click one to select the match.

  4. Click the Change to a Contact button.

  5. The new contact will be displayed with a confirmation message, and the organization will be automatically linked to the contact.

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