Troubleshooting SMTP and unverified email accounts

When setting up Insightly to send emails through your email service provider or server, you may encounter these common issues.

Try the troubleshooting steps below each situation to complete your configuration.

Entering SMTP settings results in an error

You're unable to get Insightly to verify your account with the SMTP server information you've entered.


Why this may happen:

  • Incorrect SMTP server name or port number was entered. Some users have tried entering IMAP or POP server information, which will not work.
  • Incorrect user name, email address, or password was entered.
  • SMTP is not enabled on your email server or account.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ask your email administrator or search their site for SMTP server and port information. No one knows your email system better than they do, so they will be the best source for this information.
  2. Verify that SMTP is enabled on your email server or account.
  3. Be sure you are not entering information for an IMAP or POP server. These protocols are for retrieving email, not sending it, which is what you'll be doing from Insightly.
  4. You can try entering ports 587 or 465. These are common secure port numbers.
  5. Try inputting the information with the SSL box checked and, if it doesn't work, try again with the box unchecked.
  6. If you've entered your full email address in the user name field, try removing the @domain, e.g., DWinchester instead of

Again, it's best to check this information with the administrator or support team who hosts your email server when connecting via SMTP.

Insightly's IP addresses are not whitelisted on your mail server

Why this may happen:

Your SMTP server has a firewall or other security measures that only allow access to known IP addresses. Insightly's IP addresses have not been added by your email administrator.

Troubleshooting step:

Your email administrator will need to add—or "whitelist"—the IP addresses or subnet of our servers in the server's security settings. The IP range can be represented in one of three different ways, depending on your settings field:

Account is no longer marked Verified in Insightly

Your account is marked Verified immediately after you add it, but is no longer marked verified a day later or after you've sent lots of email.

Why this may happen:

  • Password or login information has been changed on your email account. (Gmail may display error code 22 in this situation.)
  • Your email provider has flagged your account for sending too many emails or sending very large attachments.
  • Your email provider has temporarily limited or suspended your account. Most providers will send you an email when this occurs.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check your provider's sending and attachment limits by contacting them or searching their website. If you have exceeded your provider's limits or have a suspended account, you may have to contact them or wait for your limits to reset the next day before sending more messages.
  2. Remove and reconnect the account to reset the connection.
  3. Consider using a service like MailChimp for sending emails to large groups of recipients. These services are designed for managing email marketing campaigns effectively and with higher sending limits. The tools they provide also help you manage unsubscribe requests.

Remember, one person's business outreach can be another's spam. Be thoughtful about what you are sending and how often you send emails.

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