How to use events

Calendar events are for keeping track of conferences you're attending, gatherings you've organized, office holidays, and other important dates.

You can link events to other records to identify contacts like organizers, suppliers, or participants, and any projects or opportunities that are related to an event.

Continue using your calendar application to send meeting invitations or schedule events for others. You cannot schedule an event for another user or invite others to an event in Insightly.
We offer a Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) calendar sync to give you a combined view of your calendars.

For more information on the Insightly calendar, see The Insightly calendar.

Adding new events

  1. Begin creating a new event using one of the following methods:
    • From the Quick Add menu at the top of the page, select Add New Event.


    • From a contact, organization, opportunity or project, click the Actions menu and then Add New Event. Insightly will automatically link the new event to the item you are viewing.


    • From within the Events subtab for a contact, organization, opportunity or project, click the Add Event button. Insightly will automatically link the new event to the item you are viewing.


  2. Enter a name, location, date, time, and description for your event.
  3. Click the time field and use your keypad or arrow keys to enter or select a time. If your event is an all-day event, check the box for All Day Event.



  4. Choose the public or private option from the Visibility list. This option only appears if you have Simple Permissions enabled.

    Public events can be viewed by your other Insightly users. Private events may only be viewed by you and your Insightly administrators.


  5. If you have added any custom fields, fill them out.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To link an event to another record, which will then display the event on the linked record's Activity subtab, click Add Link in the event's Related tab and begin typing the name of the record in the text field. Insightly will display matching records as you type. Click the record you would like to link and click Save.Use_Events_1.png

Time zone settings

All events in Insightly are displayed in your own time zone. See Changing time zone and other calendar settings to learn how to change your time zone setting.

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