[Insightly Classic] How to replace the Insightly logo with your own logo

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

For those customers on our paid plans, we offer the option to upload your own logo to replace the Insightly logo in the top left corner.

If you are an administrator and on a paid plan, click your profile menu and go to the System Settings > Logo page to see the upload field.


The logo image can be up to 36 pixels high and up to 250 pixels wide. It can be a JPEG, GIF or PNG image. If the logo image is larger than those dimensions, Insightly will automatically scale it down.

 If you choose to set a logo for your Insightly account, it will apply to all your Insightly users. 


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