CRM Connector Settings overview

The CRM Connector is used to connect Insightly CRM with Insightly Marketing so that any records that share data are updated in sync with one another.

Here's a breakdown of what each setting does:

  1. Automatically create prospects in Insightly Marketing if they are created as Leads or Contacts in Insightly CRM

    Check this box to automatically create a new Prospect record in Insightly Marketing whenever a Lead or Contact is created in Insightly CRM.

  2. Automatically change email addresses in Insightly Marketing if they are changed in Insightly CRM 

    Check this box to update a Prospect's email address field in Insightly Marketing if a matching Lead or Contact in Insightly CRM has updated its email address field.

  3. Automatically delete or merge prospects if the corresponding records in CRM are deleted or merged

    Check this box to allow Insightly Marketing Automation to delete or merge Prospects if a matching Lead or Contact has been merged or deleted in Insightly CRM.

  4. Overwrite Marketing values with CRM empty / null values

    Check this box to automatically overwrite a Prospect's fields with the matching Lead or Contact's field information, even if the Lead or Contact's fields are empty or null.

  5. Overwrite CRM values with Marketing empty / null values 

    This checkbox will be unchecked by default. When checked, null values from Marketing will be synced to CRM Contact or Lead. Conversely, when the checkbox is unchecked, empty or null values in the CRM Connector sync will be disregarded.

  6. If Prospect records do not have a CRM Lead or Contact ID, use Email Address to match to CRM records

    Check this box to use Email Address fields in addition to Record IDs when matching a Prospect record to a Lead or Contact record in Insightly CRM.

  7. Overwrite Prospect Opted Out field value

    Check this box to allow a Prospect's "Opted Out" field value to be updated if the field has been mapped to a Contact or Lead in Insightly CRM and that field is updated in the CRM record.

  8. Show Prospect Timeline on matching CRM Lead and Contact records

    Check this box to enable the timeline tab in Lead and Contact records. If a 
    Prospect is connected to a Lead or Contact, the Prospect's activity will appear in the Lead or Contact record's timeline tab.

  9. Automatically sync custom field label updates for primary and secondary field

    Enabling this option ensures that any changes made to the label of the primary field will be automatically reflected in the field labels of the secondary fields cloned from the primary field. Conversely, if this option is disabled, modifications to the label of the primary field will not be carried over to the labels of the secondary fields.

There are two other options on the Connector page. The first is for Prospect Field Mapping. Click that button to map your Marketing Automation fields to your CRM fields. 

The second is View Connector Log. Clicking this button will allow users to view any changes or updates to records affected by the Connector.

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