Sandboxes FAQ


  1. How many records per object are copied over?
    • 10 records per object from parent applications.
  2. Are the records copied over as is?
    • Since only 10 records per object are copied over there is not guarantee that linked records will be present for that given object.
  3. Are there any record limits or storage limits on my sandbox?
    • Yes. The record limit is 5000 and the storage limit is 500MB.
  4. Are external integrations available in sandbox?
    • External integrations are not available.
  5. Is AppConnect available on sandbox?
    • No
  6. Can you send Marketing emails from your sandbox instance?
    • No

Users, Billing, and Plans

  1. Which plans can use Sandbox feature?
    • Sandbox is only available for Enterprise customers.
  2. How many Sandboxes are included in each Enterprise account? 
    • One
  3. How can customers create new sandboxes after reaching the max limit of sandboxes allowed?
    • Delete an existing Sandbox to create a new one.

    • Contact your customer representative to buy an additional sandbox for an additional fee or reach out to

  4. Can I access the sandbox using my Google credentials?
    • You are not allowed to login to a sandbox using Google credentials. 
    • Before creating a Sandbox, customer needs to make sure that they have at least one active user with regular login information. This means that the parent instance needs to have a user with a regular username and password.
  5. How can users access their sandbox instance?
    • After sandbox is ready to login you can use the following username 
      {User email}.{Sandbox name}
  6. Can I change the billing plan for my sandbox?
    • No.
  7. Can I add new apps like Service to my sandbox if I only have the CRM subscription on my main account?
    • No.
  8. Can I see the billing information on my sandbox?
    • No


  1. Are Email Accounts available in sandboxes?

    • No.
  2. Are Following, Contact, and Calendar Sync settings available in sandboxes?

    • No.
  3. Are SAML and SCIM settings available?

    • SAML and SCIM settings are not available.

  4. What system settings are copied from the main instance to my sandbox?

    • All users and queues are copied over but they will have the sandboxes name appended to the email from its parent instance.

    • All the settings under Security are copied over (Permissions, Roles, Profiles, Sharing Settings, Sharing Rules)

    • All objects and fields are copied over.

    • All the settings under User Interface are copied over.

    • Under the Automation section Workflow Processes, Criteria, Actions and other settings are copied over as is. Lambda functions are not copied over.

    • Users cannot create a sandbox from another sandbox

    • Web To Lead and Web To Contact are disabled by default but users can enable them.

    • All the settings under Data Administration are copied over.

    • Integrations are not available.

  5. Will Lambda functions will be copied over?

    • Lambda functions are not copied over because they might affect your main Insightly account. However, you can create new lambda functions for your sandbox.

  6. Can users get notification from Sandbox? 

    • The user emails that get copied over to a Sandbox have the Sandbox name append to it. This means that these users won't be able to receive notifications since they will have an invalid email. However, new users that are created with a valid email in the Sandbox will be able to receive notifications.


  1. How do I know if I’m using the sandbox instance or the main instance?

    • When the user logs into sandbox, the banner contains Sandbox to indicate to the user that they are browsing in sandbox account.

  2. What are the different states of sandboxes?

    • Pending - Creation job is queued but has not started.

    • Processing - Creation job started.

    • Ready - Sandbox is ready to use.

  3. How many sandbox creation jobs can be processed at a given time?

    • Only ONE can be created at any given time. This limitation exists throughout all the accounts.

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