What's New at Insightly May 2024

Learn what's new with Insightly by reviewing enhancements that are now available! For questions, the Additional Resources section can be utilized to learn more about getting support from Insightly. Use the links below to navigate to a specific product.

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Enhancement List

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Insightly Platform 

Add seconds and milliseconds to Audit log records

Seconds and milliseconds have been incorporated into the audit log timestamp displayed in the Field History grid within the Related tab and the changed values modal, as well as in both the Field History Report and Field History Detail Report.

Here is a link to our help documentation for How to Use Field History Tracking.

Indicate Recycle Bin in Audit Log

Currently, when an item is removed from the Insightly database after residing in the Recycle Bin for the required 30 days, the field history record does not specify that it was a scheduled deletion from the Recycle Bin. Instead, it simply states that a 'system process' carried out the deletion.

We’ve now introduced "Recycle Bin Scheduled Delete" as the process responsible for deleting records from the recycle bin, rather than generically labeling it as "System Process".

Here is a link to our help documentation for How to Use Field History Tracking.

Insightly CRM

New Email to Lead feature

Currently, we offer a personalized email address for users, which, when CC'd or BCC'd, generates a contact and organization in Insightly CRM based on the incoming email address if a corresponding contact does not already exist. This essentially functions as an Email-to-Contact system.

Now, we’ve implemented the same functionality for an Email-to-Lead system. In this system, when a designated email address is CC'd or BCC'd, it would create a new lead in Insightly CRM if a lead and contact with that email address does not already exist, automatically attaching the email to the newly created lead. If the lead already exists within the instance, the email would be attached to the existing lead. This new feature is available under User Settings> Mailbox.

Here is a link to our help documentation for User Settings Overview

Add Linked Record ID to File Attachment filters

We have now included the Linked Record ID column in the filter options under the "Linked Record Type" column, granting users the ability to organize the file list according to the Linked Record ID column.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Uploading and Managing Files.

Add Created By User as filter field to Leads List Views

When creating filters in List Views for the Leads Object, there was no “Created by User” field to filter by, while it’s there for all other objects. We’ve now added the Created By User field as a filter field in Leads list views.

Here is a link to our help documentation for How to create a List View.

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