What is a Lambda function?

A Lambda function is code written by your developer and entered or uploaded into Insightly. You can use Lambda functions to check, monitor, and update Insightly and other systems. For example:

  • Sync data with your ERP when a project is started
  • Perform an hourly check for updates in your billing system and sync them to Insightly
  • Set up an audit log to track changes
  • Send an SMS to a salesperson when an opportunity is assigned to them
  • Perform calculations to update fields with commission or revenue numbers


With Lambda, your developers can create custom functions in Java, C#, Python, or JavaScript. The functions will run on the AWS Lambda platform, but you do not need an AWS Lambda account. Your custom code can:

  • Connect to any program's API, including Insightly's
  • Update data on external systems or even in Insightly itself
  • Add your own custom actions to Insightly's workflow automation
  • Create hourly or daily functions that periodically check for data changes in Insightly or on an external system
Many systems have API limits. Be sure to check before setting up a function that connects to the system.
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