How to use Web Tracking Domains


You will need a developer familiar with Javascript to add the tracking code to your website.

When the visitor fills out a form on your website, Insightly will create or update a Prospect record. The information collected when the visitor was anonymous will become associated with the new Prospect record. The form will need to be connected to a Form Handler.

Additionally, Prospects that click a link in an Email that redirects to a tracked website can be identified and Insightly will record their web page activity. These links should be added to the Email as hyperlinks and not regular text.

To get this data, you will need to add a Javascript tracking code to your website.


Web Tracking Domains are only available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Professional plans have a limit of 3 domains that can be tracked and Enterprise plans have a limit of 20.

How to get the Javascript tracking code:

  1. Go to System Settings > Domain Management.
  2. Click Add Domain. Select Add Web Tracking Domain.
  3. Enter your Website DomainThe domain cannot begin in http:// or https://. Click Generate Code.
  4. Copy the Javascript code and add it to your website. Click Close.

    On your website, the Javascript code should be added to the master page .html file. Typically you'll want to add it under the <body> to each page you want to track Prospect activity.

When you see the OK status in Domain Management, that means the web tracking is working correctly. The number of domains you can add will be determined by the pricing plan you are on.

After Insightly collects this data, you have several options for reviewing the activity.


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