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Business is not confined to a single region or a language. Insightly administrators with an Enterprise subscription can add multiple languages to their Service or CRM account to help serve customers by providing support in the language they are most comfortable with.

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Providing support in multiple languages 

Your services or products may have been created with people who speak your language in mind, but as your business grows, it’s important to provide a localized experience for your users around the world. Offering multilingual support will strengthen your reputation as a reliable service provider.

Languages are utilized not only in your service desk, but in your Email Notification Templates and in your Knowledge Articles.

Configuring your Service App to work in multiple languages allows you to provide customer service and self-service support in the languages your customers speak. From your Public Portal Website, customers will be able to choose from the languages you offer, allowing them to read Knowledge Articles in their preferred language.

Additionally, when a customer submits a Ticket, the Email Notification Template sent to them will be in their language (if setup). Otherwise, they will receive an Email Notification Template in English, the default language.

Supported languages for Service 

  •     Bulgarian - български
  •     Catalan - català
  •     Chinese - 中文(简体)
  •     Chinese (Traditional) - 中文(繁體)
  •     Croatian - hrvatski
  •     Czech - čeština
  •     Danish - dansk
  •     Dutch - Nederlands
  •     Estonian - eesti
  •     Filipino
  •     Finnish - suomi
  •     French - français
  •     German - Deutsch
  •     Greek - Ελληνικά
  •     Hindi - हिन्दी
  •     Hungarian - magyar
  •     Icelandic - íslenska
  •     Indonesian - Indonesia
  •     Italian - italiano
  •     Japanese - 日本語
  •     Korean - 한국어
  •     Latvian - latviešu
  •     Lithuanian - lietuvių
  •     Malay - Melayu
  •     Norwegian - norsk
  •     Polish - polski
  •     Portuguese - português
  •     Portuguese (Brazil) - português (Brasil)
  •     Romanian - română
  •     Russian - русский
  •     Serbian - српски
  •     Slovak - slovenčina
  •     Slovenian - slovenščina
  •     Spanish - español
  •     Swedish - svenska
  •     Thai - ไทย
  •     Turkish - Türkçe
  •     Ukrainian - українська
  •     Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

Add a language

    1.    Go to System Settings > Languages.

    2.    Click Add Language.

    4.    Select a language from the Language dropdown.

    5.    Click the Visible in Portal checkbox. This will make the language available on the Public Portal Website. If unchecked, it will only be available on the agent side.

    6.    Click Save Language.

Once a language has been added, it will no longer appear in the Language dropdown when adding another language.

Edit or delete a language

To edit or delete any of the languages you’ve added, go to System Settings > Languages and click the three-dot menu to the right of the language’s name.

Supported languages for CRM

  • English
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Français (French)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Português (Portuguese)
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