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List Management Page in Insightly Marketing allows email recipients to manage marketing lists that they are subscribed to.

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How Does the List Management Page Work?

Customizing the List Management Page 

How Does the List Management Page Work?

When a Prospect clicks the unsubscribe link within an email, they will be redirected to the unsubscribe modal. 'Click here’ link on the Unsubscribe modal would redirect them to the List Management modal. If the Instance has customized unsubscribe page, they will have to reset the page to default in order to see the “click here“ link that redirects the user to List Management modal. 

On the list management modal, Prospects will have an option to unsubscribe from any or all of those email marketing lists by unchecking the list that they want to be unsubscribed from. If they select unsubscribe from all, all individual options are unselected and if they unselect the unsubscribe from all, individual options are selected. After saving the email subscription preferences, message will be displayed “Your email subscription preferences have been saved”. This feature is applicable for lists that are static, public and not archived. Make sure to select the Public checkbox on the Marketing List. 

Users have the ability to join any Public List irrespective of its current membership status. Consequently, upon joining, the user will be included as a member of the list. Additionally, Public Titles will be displayed instead of List Names. When users subscribe to a marketing list, an entry is added to the audit log. If a user subsequently opts out, this entry is updated. These logs cover both prospect and list entries.  

Customizing the List Management Page 

System Administrators can edit the design of these pages to customize the message and appearance as desired. Within Insightly Marketing, click the user profile icon in the upper right corner and from the available options, select System Settings. Within System Settings, click List Management Page in the Feature Settings section.Via the designer tool, users can customize the design and content of List Management page.

  1. When editing the List Management page, users have the ability to add design aspects as applicable:

    • Content: Different content types can be added to the layout of a template. In order to add a content element, a row needs to be added/available for use. When a row is added, content elements can then be dragged and dropped into the row. Once a content element is added to a row, it can be clicked in order to open the content properties so the content can be customized. When adding content elements such as Image or Video, once the content element has been added to a row, users can customize the content by selecting an image or adding a video URL. When adding the social content element, once the content element has been added to a row, users can click the added content element and add their social media links as applicable.  When adding content elements such as Title or Text, once the content element has been added to a row, users can click the added content element to customize the design. To automatically add information from a Prospect's record fields, Merge Tags can be clicked and a field name to pull from can be selected.

    • Rows: Rows allow users to determine the structure of the page; rows can be dragged and dropped onto the design of the page. When dragging a row onto the design of the page, a prompt will display where the row can be dropped. Once a row has been added, customizing row properties can be done with the same process as content properties customization - click a row to open the row properties. Once a row has been added to a template, content elements can then be added to the row by dragging and dropping them from the Content tab. When various rows have been added, the Show Structure button can be clicked in order to review the structure of the page design. 

      • Custom Rows can be saved by clicking save icon on the row (drag & drop) that opens a Custom Row modal. Marketing users can reuse the email content blocks from an email template by copying and pasting into other emails, in order to save time. Content blocks can be reused as custom rows that can be saved such as custom headers, custom footers and other email content components. This feature is available for all Marketing Plans and is applicable to Emails only, not Landing Pages.

    • Settings: The Settings tab allows users to customize the general options of the page such as margins, alignment, default font, etc. These settings do not apply to either the content or rows; in order to edit content or rows properties, the individual content element or row can be clicked. 

  2. While editing the List Management page, users can preview and test the design two different ways: 

    • Preview: Clicking the Preview button will display a preview of the page within the designer itself. 

    • Test in Browser: Clicking the Test in Browser button will display the page in a new tab of the browser. This button is available both when designing the page as well as once a user has entered preview mode via the Preview button. 

  3. Once the desired design and content has been applied to the List Management page, Save Design can be clicked to ensure the changes display when a Prospect unsubscribes. 

    • If the applied changes are no longer desirable, Reset to Default can be clicked to discard all changes and revert back to the default design of the page. 

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