Building AppConnect Recipes: Custom Actions

Custom Actions

Creating a custom action lets you design your own specific action by making an HTTPS request to one of Insightly's API endpoints, utilizing the credentials from the existing Insightly AppConnect connection. This eliminates the need to create a separate connection in AppConnect, especially when dealing with API endpoints not already integrated into the AppConnect connector. 

How to create a Custom Action

1. To start, you'll need to find the corresponding Insightly API endpoint in our documentation. Once you've got that, you can name your custom action and then set it up either manually or with the help of our guided setup provided by Workato. 

2. Next, you'll need to pick one of the HTTP methods from the dropdown menu labeled "Method." The method you choose depends on the specific API endpoint you're working with.

3. In the "Path" textbox, you'll enter the API endpoint. Since custom actions use the Base URI from the connection, you don't need to provide the full address. Make sure to include any required parameters and the request body based on the API endpoint you're using.

4. Finally, the response from the API call will come back to you in JSON format.

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