What happened to Insightly's Slack integration?


What happened to Insightly's Slack integration?


Insightly no longer provides an integration with Slack. The decision comes as a result of Microsoft’s overhaul of the Microsoft Bot Framework, which we had used to build the connection.

When Insightly built the connection, we used the Bot Framework provided by Microsoft. Microsoft has since deprecated that framework and has resulted in the Slack bot failing to connect.

At this time, we are not rebuilding the integration.

Please understand that this wasn’t an easy decision as we know we have a group of users that really like this feature.

As a company, we have made the decision that we won’t be focusing our engineering efforts on rebuilding this connection.

Currently, our efforts are geared towards Insightly Marketing, along with a few newer additions that we’re not ready share.

We will be removing the ability to add Slack by 09/25/2020.

Current users will still have access but that access will be cut off by 10/02/2020.

For those of you who want to continue to use Slack or want to use it, there are several options. We recommend Zapier as an option.

Insightly remains committed to continuously improving our product, including the quality of all our integrations. We will keep you posted on any changes and updates.

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