Prospect Field Mapping

If you are using both Insightly CRM and Insightly Marketing, some of your records in each platform may share information. You can set up field mapping to match the fields and let Insightly automatically update one when you update the other. 

You can connect fields from your Prospect records to fields in your Contacts or Leads records and vice versa. The tool will allow you to decide the update behavior.

To map Insightly Marketing fields to Insightly CRM fields:

  1. Go to System Setting > CRM Connector.
  2. Click Prospect Field Mapping.
  3. There are three columns for Prospect Field Mapping.

    • Prospect Field - The field in your Prospect records that will be affected
    • CRM Field - The CRM field that is paired to the adjacent Prospect field. Some can be changed, but not all.
    • Update Behavior - Choose how synced fields change when one is updated. Map your CRM or Prospect fields to the fields you want them to synchronize with. 

  4. To edit the Update Behavior, click the three dot menu across from the field. Select Edit Field Settings.

  5. There are three options for updating the field’s behavior. Use the dropdown to select a behavior.
    • CRM Value - If the CRM field is updated, the Prospect field will be automatically updated.
    • Marketing Value - If the Prospect filed is updated, the CRM field will be automatically updated.
    • Most Recently Updated Value - If either the Prospect field or the CRM field is updated, automatically update the other.
  6. Click Save Settings.

If you plan to create a custom field and then connect it to a CRM or Marketing field, you can use the Add New Field feature to do both at once.

To add custom fields:

  1. Go to System Settings > CRM Connector.
  2. Click Prospect Field Mapping.
  3. Click Add New Field.
  4. Select Add New Prospect Field From CRM or Add New CRM Field From Prospect.
  5. Select the object that the field will be mapped to.
  6. Select the field to copy and sync with.
  7. Select the Update Behavior.
  8. Enter a label for the new field. The field name will auto-populate.
  9. Click Add Field.
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