How to use the Insightly CRM Connector

If you are using Insightly CRM in addition to Insightly Marketing Automation, you can connect the two so that any records that share data are updated in sync with one another.

The Insightly CRM Connector allows users to decide how information between the two platforms is updated. After setup, you will only need to edit one record when an update needs to be made.

To use the CRM Connector:

  1. Go to System Settings > CRM Connector. 
  2. Review the Connector settings. Check the box next to each setting you need to enable.
  3. Click Save Connector Settings.
  4. Click Sync to sync existing Lead or Contact records as Prospects. This process will take longer if you are syncing a large number of records.

You'll notice another option on the Connector page for Prospect Field Mapping. Click that button to map your Marketing Automation fields to your CRM fields. 

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