Merging two leads

Using SmartMerge is a good way to detect and merge duplicate records, but you may sometimes find a duplicate and want to merge it manually.

Merging leads allows you to consolidate information from duplicate entries. The lead you choose to merge from will be the "source" lead, and the lead you merge to will be the "target" lead.

Information from the source lead will be copied to the target lead, unless the source lead already contains that information.

Merging a duplicate lead into a target lead will:

  • The description will be populated from the lead source.
  • Retain other field values that are already populated in the target lead. The information in these fields from the source lead will be lost when it is deleted.
  • Copy field values that are not already populated in the target lead from the source to the target.
  • Copy links to files, emails, notes, tasks, and events to the target lead.
  • Move the lead you are merging from to the Recycle Bin.

It's important to keep these points in mind when selecting which record to merge from.

If your source lead has custom fields that your target does not, you will lose that information. Be sure to create the custom fields in your target lead before you begin merging.

How to Merge One Lead Into Another

  1. Open the duplicate lead (the source). Remember, the record you are viewing is the lead that will be merged and deleted.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Merge Into Lead from the menu.


  3. Begin typing the name of the lead that you would like to merge this record into. Matches will begin appearing as you type.

  4. Click the radio button next to the name of your target lead.
  5. Click the Merge These Leadsbutton to complete the merge.

  6. The target lead will now appear with the merged information, and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page.
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