Converting a lead to a contact and a sales opportunity

Once you’ve qualified a lead, you can begin the sales process. Converting a lead will create and link opportunities, contacts, and organizations.

You can't convert a contact to a lead, so be sure to always start with a lead record when following your sales process. If you find a lead that should have been created as a contact, you can change it to a contact without creating a sales opportunity.

Converting a lead

When you convert a lead, Insightly will:

  • Mark the lead as “CLOSED – Converted.”
  • Create a contact from the lead’s information or allow you to link to an existing contact.
  • Create an organization or allow you to link to an existing organization.
  • Create an open opportunity linked to the contact, organization, and closed lead.
  • Copy any custom field values over to the opportunity, contact, and/or organization (if you have cloned and mapped those same custom fields from leads to the other records).
  • Apply any visibility permissions from the lead to the new records.
  • Link all of the lead’s files, tasks, emails, events, and notes to the new opportunity.
  • Create a task linked to the new opportunity, if you enter task information.


Insightly will not transfer tags from the lead to other records, as tags are unique to each record type.

To convert a lead

  1. From a qualified lead, click the Actions menu and select Convert Lead.


  2. Enter a name for the new sales opportunity. Insightly will fill in the organization and contact name, but you can change it if needed.
  3. Choose a responsible user from the dropdown. Check the box on the right to trigger an email notifying them of their new sales opportunity.


  4. Verify or edit the contact name. If you edit this field, Insightly will look for a matching contact name. A new contact will be created if you do not select an existing one. This is a required field.


  5. Verify or edit the organization name. If you edit this field, Insightly will look for a matching organization name. A new organization will be created if you do not select an existing one. Adding an organization is not required.


  6. You can choose to create a new task for the responsible user by entering information in the Add Follow Up Task section. This task will be linked to the new opportunity.

  7. Click the Save button at the top of the record.

Converted records

Converting leads will always create a contact and an opportunity. If you’ve included organization and task information, Insightly will also create those records.

The New Opportunity

After converting the lead, you’ll be taken to the new opportunity page. Any records attached to the lead will be linked to the opportunity.

Opportunities created from converted leads will include a Converted from Lead field with a link to the closed lead. Tags are not carried over.

A custom field value is carried over only if you have created the same custom field for both your leads and opportunities.

The New Contact

The new contact will include the main details from the lead. The Converted from Lead field will also be added to the contact with a link to the closed lead.

The Closed Lead

Insightly will change the lead’s status to “CLOSED – Converted” after the conversion is complete. You’ll still be able to access the closed lead to view it or edit it, but you cannot change the lead’s status.

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