How to set up an Activity Set

Activity Sets are templates for creating groups of tasks or events. For more details, see our overview. This article explains how administrators can set up an Activity Set for users on their accounts.

Creating an Activity Set

We'll use an example of a sales team that contacts new leads as they are added to Insightly. When a lead is assigned, a salesperson does three things. Normally, they enter these three items into Insightly one by one:

1 - Task: Initial phone call (due after 1 day)
2 - Task: Email follow-up (due after 3 days)
3 - Event: Stop by their office (due after 5 days)

We're going to create an Activity Set to make the entry of these items much easier for the sales team.

To set up an Activity Set:

  1. Click your profile icon and select System Settings > Activity Sets. You must be an Insightly administrator to access the System Settings pages.
  2. Type a name for the set in the Activity Set Name field. For this example, we'll use "Sales Follow-up." You may have to scroll down the page if you already have many Activity Sets listed.
  3. Tick the box or boxes for the objects that will use this Activity Set. We'll select Leads, but we'll also select Opportunities in case we want to make this set available in an opportunity Pipeline, too.
    If you're setting up an Activity Set to be used with a Pipeline, be sure to select the same object that you'll select when setting up the Pipeline.
  4. To begin adding activities to the set, click the Edit link.

    The number next to the Activity Set Name indicates how many tasks and events are included in the set. You'll see a zero until you've added activities, which are necessary. So, we're not done yet!
  5. Click the Choose Activity Type list and select Task or Event. We'll choose Task.
  6. Enter the activity name and details. This information we enter will appear on every task that's created when the Activity Set is applied.

  7. Select a category, if applicable.

  8. Click the Add Due Date link if the task will include a due date. Due dates are not required, but can be calculated depending on these selections.

    Enter the number of days, select the dropdown to count forward from a start date or backward from an end date, and tick the boxes for any weekdays you would like skipped in the date calculation. In this example, the task will be due one day after the start date that the user enters.

    When adding events, you'll choose the start time or whether it's an all-day event, enter the duration, and also choose which days to skip.
  9. For tasks, click the Assigned To. You can select a user who will be responsible for this task every time or select the Choose when applied option, which will require a user to manually select an assigned user each time the Activity Set is used.
  10. Tick the boxes indicating if the item will be visible to all your Insightly users and, for tasks, if you would like an email reminder set up each time the task is created. (Reminders will only be sent for tasks assigned to yourself. You cannot set up email reminders for other users.)
  11. Click the Add New Activity button to save the current activity.
  12. Repeat the steps above until all activities have been added to the set.

As you add tasks and events, they will be displayed in the Activities view. You can modify them by clicking the Edit/pencil icon, delete them by clicking the trash can icon, and return to the Activity Set page by clicking the name of the Activity Set (the link at the top).


Once all of the activities are entered, the set can be used to create the tasks and events from individual records or when a stage of a Pipeline is reached. You can also clone an Activity Set to duplicate and modify the tasks and events you've created to start a new set.

Deleting an Activity Set

On the Activity Sets page, you can modify a set's name or object type by clicking the Edit/pencil icon to its right. You can also click the trash can icon to delete the Activity Set.

If the trash can icon is not displayed, this indicates that the Activity Set is associated with a Pipeline stage. It can only be deleted by first removing it from the stage in the Pipeline's settings.

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