[Insightly Classic] How to add a task

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

There are many ways to start adding a new task in Insightly:

  • Add New Task from the Quick-add button at the top of any Insightly page
  • New Task button above the list on the Tasks page
  • Gmail Chrome extension, Outlook add-in or mobile apps
  • Actions menu on most records, including saved emails
  • Add Task button in the Tasks subtab of most records
Activity Sets are very useful if you find yourself creating the same tasks day after day. When you apply an Activity Set, one or more tasks are automatically created for you.

Tasks are often related to projects or opportunities, or linked to contacts, leads, or organizations. While you can manually enter these connections when you add a task, starting a new task directly from a record will automatically creates a connection for you. We'll use this method in our example.

To add a new task from a record:

  1. Open the record and click the Tasks subtab.
  2. Click Add Task.
  3. Enter a name for the task. This is the only required information, but the rest of the fields will help you organize and manage your tasks.
  4. Select the user or team who will be responsible for the task. When assigning tasks to individual users, they will receive an email notification to let them know they have a new a task.
    If you select a team, you will choose whether to create a single task for the entire team or multiple copies of the task—one for each team member. See Assigning a task to a team.
  5. Select a category.
  6. Click the Date Due field and select the date when the task should be completed. The task will appear on the assignee's Insightly calendar on the due date.
  7. Click Add Start Date to select a date when the task work should begin. If no due date was entered, the task will appear on the assignee's Insightly calendar on the start date.
  8. Click Add Reminder to select a date and time when you'd like to receive an email reminder.
    Task reminders can only be set for your own tasks. When assigning a task to another user, they'll need to set their own reminder by editing the task.
  9. For recurring tasks, click Add Repeat to select an interval for repeating the task once the current task is marked complete (e.g., "Every Weekday" or "Every 2 Months"). This option will only appear if a due date is selected above.
    If a task is completed after the next recurring date, Insightly will skip that date and jump to the next one. For example, a repeating task that was due last Wednesday was completed on Thursday of the following week. The next task will be created with a due date of the following Wednesday.
  10. Click and adjust the Progress indicator if work has already started on the task.
  11. Click a priority (High, Medium, or Low). The priority affects where the task is listed in the Task List View. The default selection is Medium.
  12. Click one of the status icons if the task is in progress, completed, deferred, or waiting on someone else.
  13. To organize a task within a project or opportunity Pipeline, you can select which Pipeline and stage the task will be connected to. For projects with Milestones, you can place the task within a milestone.
    If you didn't create the task directly from a opportunity or project, you can click the Add Related Opportunity or Project link to search and select one. This will automatically add a link to the related item when the task is saved.
  14. In the Add New Link field, search for and select contacts, leads, organizations, or other records you'd like to link to the task.
  15. Select the Visibility permission for the task. "Public" allows any of the users on your account view the task. "Private" limits viewing permissions to yourself, the task assignee, and Insightly administrators.
    This setting will not appear if your account is set to Advanced Permissions.
  16. Enter a description for the task.
  17. Click Save or one of the other save options at the top of the task.
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