What is Insightly Marketing?


Insightly Marketing assists sales teams in attracting and engaging customers in order to grow business faster and more efficiently. Insightly Marketing provides businesses the ability to build customized Journeys to map out the process from Prospect, to customer, to advocate. In addition to Journey's, businesses can create professional level emails and newsletters, create two-way communication with customers via forms and website landing pages, and also share analytics and reports regarding customer insights. 

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How Does it Work?

Insightly Marketing allows users to optimize their marketing activities by automating repetitive tasks. Insightly Marketing utilizes prospective customer's behavior in order to determine the best way to nurture their interest by building meaningful connections with people that are interested in a business.

Insightly Marketing connects directly to Insightly CRM so users can utilize both platforms ensuring complete data sharing integrity and security. Insightly Marketing offers features such as Journey creation, email design, and even landing page design and much more. 

Insightly Marketing Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Create a Landing Page

Landing Pages attract visitors to a website; a successful Landing Page informs prospects about a brand and provides an opportunity to convert a prospect to a lead. The Landing Page tool allows users to create Landing Pages from starter templates and customize them with intuitive drag and drop modules. 

Step 2: Generate Leads

With forms and form handlers, users can capture key information that enables lead nurturing. Create and customize forms, then add them to a Landing Page. When a contact submits a form, their information is stored on a Prospect record and they can be converted into a lead. To connect any existing forms on a website, a Form Handler can be created; generating HTML from a Form Handler can be done to create new forms for a website. Finish Actions can be setup to automate actions that occur after a form is submitted. 

Step 3: Create Marketing Emails

The Insightly Marketing email tool allows users to engage with leads and contacts, send promotional offers, and provide business news and updates. The content of emails can be tailored to deliver relevant information as either a one-off email or as part of a Journey.

Prior to sending out an email to leads and contacts, users have the ability to create a test email to ensure that email content renders correctly and that email footers comply with email sending regulations.  

After sending marketing emails, users can analyze how recipients are interacting with content so future marketing emails can be optimized. Email analyzation can be performed via A/B Test Emails and Multivariate Testing in order to monitor positive engagement of emails to ensure a healthy sending reputation. 

For additional information regarding Insightly Marketing email capabilities, users can review the email help article library

Step 4: Market Content

Content can be shared with followers to increase traffic to a website and convert more leads using Hosted Files and Redirect Links to upload content and track downloads, shares, and clicks.

Hosted Files

Hosted Files can be created to track who is downloading content. Marketing content can be uploaded to created Hosted Files and Finish Actions can be setup and applied to automate what happens after someone engages with the content. 

Redirect Links

A Redirect Link is an object type in Insightly Marketing that helps users track who is clicking links on their own site or on a third-party website. Finish Actions can be setup and applied to automate what happens after someone engages with the content. 

Step 5: Nurture New Leads

Prospect Scoring

Prospect Scoring models allow administrators to assign scores to Prospects based on their engagement with each of their products and services, cumulatively and individually. Grading inbound leads ensures that the leads being passed from Marketing to Sales match a company’s ideal customer profile. Leads are automatically evaluated based on a number of factors such as location, industry, job title, and company size. A letter grade (A - F) is then assigned to the lead based on the defined factors. 

Lead scoring, when used in tandem with lead grading, can ensure that only the most qualified leads get passed from Marketing to Sales. A lead score (displayed as a numerical value) indicates how interested leads are in your product or service.

Prospect Profiles for grading can be setup in order to define when a Prospect is converted to a Lead. Automatically qualifying leads with scoring and grading can save time and resources while increasing close rates and improving Sales and Marketing alignment.


To nurture new leads, a Journey can be built that is triggered by a form submission, content download, etc. The Journey Builder can be utilized to completely structure the marketing process and move Prospects forward as soon as they take action. To aid the nurturing process, a Journey can be built to convert Prospects into Leads once they reach a specific Prospect Score.

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